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List of Obesity Dangers


      • Increase in b.p
      • due to extra mass and tissue on body heart need to supply more blood to more lenth of vessels.that can be done by a little extra force and that extra force is high b.p.
      • Impotency
      • due to hormonal and stress factors patient progressively terns to impotent
      • Fatty liver
      • fat also deposit in liver and over accumulation causes degeneration of liver cells and eventually severe liver dysfunction
      • Disease of bone and joints
      • weight causes more strain and stress to the bone tendons & ligaments of our legs which eventually cause them to break also can cause arthritis in long standing cases due to weight itself
      • Diabetes
      • studies show that there is a direct relationship between obesity and diabetes . a study shows of the total people diagnose with type 2 diabetic 80 to 90% are found obese.
      • Cholesterol
      • fat has many forms in which cholesterol is one even cholesterol is structurally very important for our body, its excess or dysfunction in metabolism can cause a fatal diseases called arthrosclerosis which in turn can cause stroke embolism or myocardial infraction.
      • Psychosis
      • Obesity can causes depression, personality change ,mood swings etc.
      • Heart Attack
      • to supply blood to whole body heart have to work with extra load which causes overstrain of heart and its muscles slowly their is enlargement of heart and increase in its oxygen demand that causes ischemia and eventually heart failure.