Principle Causes of Obesity:

As per our research there are several causes of obesity which lead to many severe diseases. To understand the major cause of weight gain we need to understand certain obesity facts

  • In this graph, we can see how insulin reacts to an increase in blood glucose levels. After eating a big meal, blood glucose levels increase rapidly. Once the body detects these elevated blood glucose levels it releases insulin. You can see that blood glucose levels peak and then fall off and insulin does the same, however insulin levels peak later than blood glucose. It is in the peaks when your system converts the excess blood sugar into fat reserves.

causes of obesity

Some other causes of obesity and weight gain facts

are listed below :

  • Excessive consumption of heavy, sweet, cold items, oil and fats
  • Lack of exercise /sedentary lifestyle
  • An Inactive Lifestyle
  • Environmental factors
  • Genes and Family History
  • Emotional Factors
  • Lack of Sleep