Hair Growth Cycle

To understand the various disorders of hair, first of all we need to understand the normal hair growth cycle and the process of hair growth. Basic understanding of hair growth and normal hair growth cycle gives a fair idea as to how the disorders related to hairs such as hair fall or premature graying of hair can be controlled. The expert team of doctors at Vedas Cure has examined several patients of hair fall or hair loss and has come to conclusion that Ayurveda is the best treatment to control hair loss.

Each and every strand of hair is a composition of non-living protein pro¬duced by a teardrop-shaped hair follicle. The follicle is composed of living cells and gets nourishment from the blood supply under the skin. Each hair is composed of absolutely deal cells.

Every part of the body is covered by thousands of hair follicles. During the stage of growth each follicle develops a single hair that can last for a few months or several years depending on its genetically programmed structure.
On an average about 100000 hair follicles are found in the young healthy people. It has been seen that a fall of around 50 to 100 hairs every day is treated as normal hair fall without any concern.