Treatment of Diabetes

When it comes to the treatment of diabetes one needs to be very alert because of availability of numerous diabetes control options in various streams of medical science. Recently the government of India banned the consumption and sale of certain type of allopathic drugs meant to control diabetes due to their dangerous side effects on the body. We at Vedas Cure recommend the use of natural herbs and plants with medicinal values to control diabetes. Being natural herbs they do not harm the body any way and do not result in any side effect.

Vedas Diabetes Solution (In the form of Herbal Powder & Syrup):

“Vedas Diabetes Solution” provides a very effective solution to the burning problem of Diabetes due to its special treatment methods based on medical research oriented scientific fundamentals and through proper utilization of the most effective and safe herbo-mineral ayurvedic composition.  “Vedas Diabetes Solution” is a unique formation developed by the expert team of doctors of Vedas Cure after years of research & development and is a judicial combination of best anti-diabetic natural herbs proven by exhaustive research and certified in traditional ayurvedic practices.  Strict and stringent quality control methodologies are followed in each and every step of production of “Vedas Diabetes Solution”.


How does Vedas Diabetes Solution Powder work?
The most unique herbal formulation of” Vedas Diabetes Solution” is a panacea to the patients of diabetes and gives them much relief naturally. This helps the patients of diabetes in a numbers of ways such as:

  • For the first time in India “Vedas Cure” has developed a unique herbal formulation composed of 30 natural and unique herbs which are highly effective to control and prevent diabetes.
  • We assure you that a one month use of “Vedas Diabetes Solution” powder and syrup would be the most effective and helpful in controlling and preventing diabetes and blood sugar problems and the result can be seen within 7 days.
  • The herbal composition of “Vedas Diabetes Solution” regularizes the blood sugar glucose, increases insulin sensitivity, activates insulin secretion from the pancreas, delays absorption of glucose from GIT, exerts regenerative effect on islets of pancreas and thus controls and prevents diabetes in numerous ways.
  • Blood sugar lowering characteristics which is caused by some very unique herbs used in the composition
  • Lipid reducing herbs which have been selected very carefully by the experts of ayurveda
  • Neuropathy reducing herbs
  • Digestion  and Metabolism enhancing herbs
  • The herbs used in the “Vedas Diabetes solutions” are GMP Certified & approved by the drug authority.
  • There is no any side effect but many side benefits of “Vedas Diabetes” Solution such as the herbs used in the composition are very useful to normalize blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, improving digestive and other stomach related problems etc.
  • The natural herb of PTEROCARPUS MARSUPIUM regenerates the Beta cells of pancreas which produces insulin, Gymnema Sylvestre cantained in the composition acts on anti-sweet principles called saponin derivatives which suppresses sugar taste stimulation on the tongue. Gymnema Sylvestre also works in the body as hypolipidemic and regularizes cholesterol metabolism that further improves anti-atherogenic index. GS3 and GS4 elements of Gymnema Sylvestre have shown significant reduction in blood sugar & glycosylated hemoglobin. Tinsopara Cordifolia which is also known as Amrita or Nectar is a wonderful cure for diabetes patients. Vedas Cure Diabetes Solution (Powder & Syrup) is composes of 30 such unique herbs which are highly effective to control and prevent diabetes.

Many clinical studies have proven the findings and experimental studies of “Vedas Diabetes Solution”and have also proved that it is very useful in preventing, controlling and reducing the complications of diabetes or high blood sugar in the blood.


Doses:  “Vedas Diabetes Solution Powder”

Each sachet contains 5 grams of herbs. Take it twice a day. Before breakfast and after dinner.

Brewing Instructions:  Mentioned on the sachet.

Doses: “Vedas Diabetes Solution Syrup”:

Take 2-3 tea spoons twice a day before breakfast and after dinner.

Apart from the herbals treatment we at Vedas Cure also put a great emphasis of non-drug management and treatment of diabetes based on below mentioned considerations of patients:

  • Body Structure and constitution
  • Diet of the patient
  • Considerations of genetics
  • Physical activity of the patients
  • Somatic constitution such as obesity and leanness
  • Analysis of metabolic, neurogenic and other hyper epidemic disorders
  • Life style factors etc