Sign and Symptomos:

It is shocking to know that a large population of India does not even know that they are diabetic. When the blood or urine is tested it is found that they are under the attack of diabetes. It is for this reason all are advised to get the urine and blood examined frequently to detect any rise on the sugar level. Some of the major signs and symptoms of diabetes that we have witnessed during the examination of patients at Vedas Cure are mentioned below.
Regular Urination
When the glucose or sugar is not utilized properly in the body cells it accumulates and gets deposited in the blood and begin to pass through urine. During this phenomena a person with large amount of glucose in the blood urinate several times during the day in large quantity. Sugar in the urine attracts large amount of water and thus the patient urinate frequently in large quantity.
Exceeding Thirst
Due to frequent urination, a diabetic person feels thirsty regularly and drinks large quantity of water at frequent intervals.
Extreme Hunger and Desire to eat
Diabetic feel hunger and generally have a great desire to eat large quantity of food at small intervals. In spite of eating much they continue to have hunger feelings.
Weight Loss
When the body cells do not get energy from glucose they use up stored energy fats and proteins of the body and thus the person becomes weak and loses weight sharply. Despite eating too much the cells do not convert the food into energy in the body.
Weakness and Tiredness
Diabetes is such a serious disease that when the body cells do not get energy from food intake they become pale and weak and this further causes and absolute loss of stamina. The person always feels tired and become extremely weak.
Diabetes is a major cause of skin problems. A diabetic always feels intense itching on the skin or around genital organs and this sometimes causes excessive bleeding.
Pain in the body and Headache
Due to excessive sugar in the blood the nerves get damaged and a diabetic starts feeling acute pain in the body such as legs arm and headache etc.
It has been observed that people suffering from diabetes sometimes feel inertia and get lethargic feelings. Due to loss of energy they always feel rundown and become mentally depressed.
Prolonged Healing of Wounds and Cuts and Frequent Infections
This is the most prevalent symptom of Diabetes. Due to high level of sugar the cells become less reactive to the infections and the person gets infected easily. The feet must be protected properly because they are the most vulnerable the disease of diabetes. Even a small wound or injury gets a long time to heal or sometimes become a major problem.
Mouth and Oral Problems
Sometimes a diabetic feels dryness in the mouth. Or even an inflammatory or burning sensation in the mouth is observed in diabetes. Less salvation other infection such as fungal infection has also been observed in the mouth. The gums become weak and the teeth also become lose.
Blurred Vision & Eyes Problems
People in diabetes lose the ability to focus properly. Much of sugar in the blood draws the fluids from the lenses of the eyes and the natural eyes lenses become very thin and thus affect the ability to focus. An increased level of glucose in the blood causes the formation of tiny blood vessels in the eyes and they start bleeding. Sometimes this makes dark spots in the eyes causing blindness.