Since diabetes is a deadly disease its diagnosis must be performed under the guidance of expert doctors. There are several medical devices in the market to examine the level of blood sugar in the body but sometimes their accuracy becomes doubtful. We at Vedas Cure have very innovative and accurate testing medical equipment and devices through which the patients are examined under the guidance of expert diabetes medical doctors.

“Vedas Cure Diabetes Diagnosis” performs a host of important tests to ascertain the type and stage of diabetes of patients.

Blood Analysis:

Glycated Hemoglobin Analysis:

In this kind of analysis the average level of sugar/glucose in the blood is calculated taking into account a period of past 2-3 months.  This type of past sugar level analysis is also known as Hemoglobin A-1C test. This test must be done at least twice a year.

Glucose Tolerance Analysis:

This analysis is always performed in the morning when the patient’s stomach is empty. No any breakfast or food is allowed before this test. When the gap between two meals is 8-10hours this test is performed and this shows the fasting glucose level in the blood. People who are diabetic are not able to store glucose in the cells and the level of glucose in the blood starts rising.

Random Blood Sugar Analysis:

A random or routine analysis of blood to detect the presence of sugar level gives a genuine idea to determine the stage of diabetes of a patient.

Cardio Metabolic Risk Screening

Diabetes poses a major threat to the healthy living and both its short term and long term complications can be very dangerous. Major Cardio vascular diseases are caused by the increased level of sugar in the blood that’s why we at Vedas Cure do a detailed Cardio metabolic test and screening of the patients. There are many cardio metabolic risk factors which are given due attention at Vedas Cure. Our specialist doctor perform complete analysis of Hypertension, Overweight/ obesity and BMI analysis High LDL cholesterol,  Low HDL cholesterol , High triglycerides , Hypertension Hyper coagulation etc

Eyes Testing

Diabetes is major cause of blurred vision. We at Vedas Cure do a comprehensive eyes testing to see the affects of elevate blood sugar on eyes. Modern medical equipments at Vedas Cure provide accurate report in the tests of the eyes.

Foot Testing and Analysis

As per the diabetic research team of Vedas Cure many problems of the foot are caused due to the damage of the nerves that supply blood to the legs and feet.  In diabetes the circulation of the blood to the lower part of the body is effected badly but the problem is noticed gradually.That’s why the Vedas Cure doctors advise the patients to get their foot and legs screened regularly.