In the medical world Diabetes is actually notorious as a silent killer. As per constant patients examination at Vedas Cure it has been noticed that a diabetic has 400% more chances to have gangrene (insufficient blood supply in the organs), 1600% more chances to suffer from the damage of kidney, 2400% more chances to have blurred vision or blindness. Basically diabetes has been termed as the number one cause of blindness. There are many more serious complications of diabetes as mentioned below.

Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia:

In case the level of sugar in the blood falls below normal, the condition in called hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. When a patient of diabetes takes medicine to increase insulin level in the blood, sometimes more insulin is produced and the glucose gets less in the blood. Low glucose level below 70 mg/dl gives rise to many complications in the body. That is the reason why we at Vedas cure advice our patients to remain less dependent on the allopathic treatment of diabetes because the allopathic treatment can have serious side effects also. The natural herbals composition of Vedas Diabetes Solution balances the sugar level in the blood without any harmful impact.
As per Vedas Cure doctors research, taking too much allopathic medication or pills to increase insulin, taking meals irregularly or eating low, drinking alcohol too much, too much work out or physical exercise or taking stress are the leading causes of low blood sugar.
While examining the patients at Vedas Cure we have observed various symptoms of low blood sugar which can be very serious if not treated on time. The symptoms like sweating, physical weakness, low stamina, a feeling of dizziness, headache, feeling of nervous and fast heart beat are some of the early and immediate effects of low blood sugar. If not treated at the early stage the problem of low blood sugar leads to an alarming situation of drowsiness and confusion and ultimately leads to loss of consciousness which can be very fatal and can even cause death. When the brain does not get glucose through blood it stops functioning and the patient may faint immediately.

Diabetic Coma and ketoacidosis

When there is less sugar level in the blood, our body does not get energy for the physical activities. During this time the fat which is stored in the body is converted into energy to provide the energy to the body cells. When the fats in the body are converted into energy a toxic acid called Ketones is produced. In case of diabetes, huge amount of ketones acids are produced which create the acidic biochemical imbalance in the body and the body becomes the victim of acidosis. This critical condition of the body affects the brain and the central nervous system of the body and that’s why this medical condition is also known as Diabetic Coma. While treating patients at Vedas Cure, we have observed that drowsiness and a feeling of unconsciousness are some of the chief symptoms of Diabetic Coma. We at Vedas Cure have a vast experience of treating the patients of Diabetic Coma or Ketoacisosis and suggest you to take the treatment of this life threatening disease at the early stage of its development.

Skin Infections

Diabetes skin is also known as a store house of infections. Skin, gums, mouth, lungs and feet are most affected during diabetes. Due to high level of sugar in the blood, more bacteria and fungi breed which cause various infections of the skin. While treating patients at Vedas Cure we have seen many such complication of diabetes which affects the skin of the patients. Certain manifestations such as scratches on the skin, dryness, unhealthy and rough skin, itching problems on the skin, pimples, are some of major skin complications of diabetes and sometimes it leads to eczematic patches also on the skin.

Urinary Tract Infections

This problem is mostly found in diabetic women and the bladder and genital region are affected badly. While examining the patients at Vedas Cure we have observed that urinary tract infections are common and most prevalent problem in diabetic patients. High level of sugar level in the bloods also leads to renal failure wherein the kidneys of the body stop their basic function of filtering waste product from the blood and sometimes the patients feels a frequent urge to urinate suddenly. When the waste product is not filtered properly it causes various diseases including the failure of the kidneys.

Heart Diseases and Strike

Diabetes is such a serious disease that almost 75% of total diabetic deaths are caused by its cardiovascular complications. As per a statistics, people who suffer from diabetes are two to four times more likely to have heart/stroke or cardiovascular diseases. That is the reason why we at Vedas Cure first of all conduct proper cardio-metabolic diagnostic tests of the patients of diabetes. The disease damages the heart and blood vassals and blocks the arteries throughout the body which further leads to obstruction of blood supply to the blood vessels. The patients start feeling shortness of breath, a severe pain in the chest. Due to improper blood supply patients feel fatigue and weakness always and fast and inconsistent heart beats. When the high level of sugar is present in the blood it causes the deposition of more fatty acid on the walls of blood vessel. Due to deposition of the fatty acid on the wall of the blood vessel, the flow of blood is obstructed which leads to clogging and hardening of blood vessel and ultimately heart failure.

Blindness/Eyes Damage and Diabetic Retinopathy

In India, Diabetes is the most common cause of blindness and low vision. As per a research a diabetic patient has five times higher chances to suffer from blindness or other such eyes problems. The most prevalent diabetic eye disease is diabetic retinopathy during which a person loses his/her vision completely. We all understand that retina is at the back of the eye and a healthy retina is required for good eye sight or vision. Due to high blood sugar the blood vessels in the retina are damaged. The blood vessels may even swell and get blocked. The walls of the retina become weak and this causes leakage from the blood vessel. This is a very critical stage because it causes blindness. At Vedas Cure we have observed many symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy such as blurred vision, pain in the eyes, rings around object and flashes of light or sometimes a black spot at the centre of the sight.
People with diabetes are 60% more likely to have an eye disease called cataract. Lenses of the eyes allow us to see an object or image. Due to high blood sugar a condition known as fogging or clouding develops around the lenses and this creates a problem in proper focus and creates impaired eye sight.
A disease of the eye called Glaucoma can also be very fatal to the diabetic patients. Glaucoma is a condition which develops because the pressure of buildup of fluid in the eyes is not drained properly. Due to the pressure of the fluid the retina and optic nerves get damaged and do not send signal to the brain to see object. This causes a loss of vision. Diabetic patients are 40% more likely to suffer from Glaucoma.


Diabetes effects the nervous system of the badly. While examining patients at Vedas Cure we have observed that almost 60%-70% patients of diabetes suffer from neuropathy. The problem of neuropathy basically damages the nerves of the body. Let’s understand the problem of neuropathy in diabetes in detail. It is the complicated structure of nerves that connect the brain with various organs of the body. Increased level of the blood sugar weakens the wall of the blood vessel and thus the nerves are not able to get nourishment. When the nerves get weaken they cause serious complications in the body like weakened muscles, increased heart rate, unsteady walk, increased perspiration levels etc. A diabetic patient most often feels numbness, a tingling feeling and pain in arms, feet, figures, legs etc. In some critical cases neuropathy can lead to amputation of limbs also. In fact the danger of limbs amputation is 40 times greater for a diabetic patient.
Diabetic Foot
You will be shocked to know that diabetic foot is such a dangerous condition that people suffering from diabetes are 25 times more likely to lose their legs than in normal conditions. There are two main reason of diabetic foot
a) Due to damaged blood vessels the blood supply to the legs becomes very less
b) High sugar level in the blood damages the nerves of the legs and feet
Due to the damage of the brain connecting nerves people with diabetes feel very less pain in case of any injury and this further leads to various types of infections in the feet. Such kind of infection and reduced blood supply cause the cells to die which further leads to amputations of the dead tissues. We at Vedas Cure have examined various patients with diabetic foot wherein a proper care and medication is advises on time so that the problem could be controlled. Throughout the globe approximately 70% of all leg amputations happen due to diabetes. Every thirty second a leg is lost because of diabetes.
Diabetic Nephropathy (Kidney Disease)
Diabetes is major cause of kidney failure. Approximately 20% of all diabetic patients suffer from kidney diseases. Basically in diabetes, several blood vessels which act as filter for waste products get destroyed and damaged. In the course of time when the complete filtration system gets destroyed the kidneys stop their function which is known as the failure of the kidneys. At this stage either the patient is given dialysis or his/her kidney is transplanted.

Complication of Respiratory System

Several respiratory diseases are caused by diabetes. Several examinations of patients have shown that people suffering from diabetes tend to have slow recovery from respiratory infections. In a survey it was found the almost 15% of the people who are tuberculosis patients are suffering from diabetes. Pneumonia and flu are the common respiratory problems caused by diabetes.

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

As per a shocking statistics, people suffering from hypertension or high blood press constitute about 60% of the patients suffering from diabetes. While treating several patients at Vedas Cure we have found that the problem of hypertension and high blood pressure is common among diabetic patients. A person if diabetic has 200% more chances to suffer from hypertension. Hypertension and diabetes are together very dangerous and can cause many cardiovascular diseases. Due to elevated sugar in the blood, the arteries become very narrow and pressure of the blood builds more to flow. This causes fast flow of blood than normal condition and causes high blood pressure or hypertension. We at Vedas Cure suggest patients for regular check up of blood pressure and sugar lever to maintain and live a healthy life.

Reproductive System Complications:

Elevated blood sugar level leads to male infertility and various complications of the reproductive systems in both males and females directly or indirectly. It has been found that people suffering from diabetes have an impotency rate of 50 to 60 percent. Many other disorders in the reproductive system are caused by diabetes. Pain during intercourse or a decreased sexual desire is also caused by diabetes.

Diabetes & Pregnancy

In women diabetes causes various complicated problems. Diabetes is a major risk factor for both pregnant woman and child. Approximately 25% of diabetic woman fall victim of miscarriage or give birth to a dead child. In some woman large babies develop in the womb due to diabetes which causes many problems during delivery of the baby. We at Vedas Cure always advice to all the women patients of diabetes to keep a regular check on the sugar level and get proper medication and doctor’s advice on time.