Principle Causes of Diabetes:

To control diabetes, it is very important to understand the scientific causes the disease. In medical researches and during various studies conducted by Vedas Cure to understand the definite causes of diabetes many clear causes have been identified which have been mentioned below.

  1. Genetic  Predisposition or Inheritance of Diabetes

The genetic make-up of a person is a leading cause of this disorder.  The disease of diabetes can be inherited and as per statistics and research by Vedas Cure, those with family history of the disease are more prone to develop it and the risk factor for developing diabetes gets 25 to 33 percent higher.

In case either of the parents or both are diabetic then sometimes the traits are passed on their children but this may not always be true. If a pregnant diabetic women keeps a proper balance of the sugar level in the blood and follows a strict anti-diabetic diet the child may not have any symptoms of inherited diabetes

Diabetes is more prevalent in males than females in India. In many researches on diabetes mellitus it has been found that almost 5.5 to 11.6 percent of cases of diabetes are linked with the family history. In the urban India approximately 18.6% and in rural India almost 6.4% of the diabetic populations have a direct relative with the disease of high blood sugar. Thus genetic predisposition has been identified as a fatal cause of diabetes.

  1. Beta Cells Impairments:

Beta cells dysfunction is one of the key causes of diabetes. Due to high level in the blood glucose level the beta cells of the pancreas get damaged and they become unable to release insulin which is the chief hormone to balance the sugar level in the blood.

  1. Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome which is also known as a state of insulin resistance is a key contributor of diabetes. Increased waist size due to excess amount of abdominal fats, non-regular and disorder of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, higher glucose levels in the blood and high blood pressure have been found to be the major threats for diabetes.

  1. Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity/Extra Fats in the body has been identified as a major cause of diabetes. While examining patients at Vedas Cure we have found that almost 55 to 85 percent of diabetic patients are obese. Immune system gets changed up against excess of fat and starts the chain of activities leading to interference in the process of insulin production and sugar absorption.

Extra fats in the body do not allow insulin to work properly.  Insulin allows the blood sugar to enter the cells by acting on the surface of the receptor sites of the cells. In case of obesity or extra fats in the blood cells the receptors sites of the blood cells become dysfunctional/non-functional causing sugar to deposit leading to high level of sugar in the blood. That’s the reason why an obese person has 4 times more chances to develop diabetes.  It is often said that “Heredity acts like a ladder but obesity actually pulls the trigger”

  1. Diet and Diabetes

In Ayurveda the concept of Agni, which includes enzymes, digestives juices and hormones, is responsible for metabolic activities of the body. An imbalanced diet or overeating can cause various complications of diabetes.

Basically our diet consists of seven constituents such as carbohydrate, proteins, fats, fibers, trace elements, minerals, vitamins and water.  Due to over eating or imbalanced eating habits several metabolic disorders take place in the body which further lead to diabetes. Excess amount of carbohydrate, fats etc elevate sugar level in the blood. The problem of diabetes is straightaway connected with intake of processed food rich in refined carbohydrates, such as bread, biscuits, cakes, ice creams chocolate etc. In our research on diet habits and its impact on diabetes, we at Vedas Cure have found that most of the cases of diabetes in India are linked with the dietary habits of the patients.


  1. Stress and Depression

Depressed people are more likely to get involved in unhealthy behaviors like smoking, eating unhealthy diet leading a sedentary lifestyle and being non co-operative with healthcare treatment which further increases their risk of developing metabolic syndrome. We at Vedas Cure have observed that there is a direct relation between stress and diabetes. Depression or stress also causes pancreatic insufficiency which leads to diabetes. Any family problem, business or financial loss, emotional shock, strained relationship in the family etc make a serious impact on the metabolism and can cause symptoms of sugar in urine.

  1. Virus Infections

Sometimes viruses also cause diabetes. Beta cells can be damaged by the infections on the pancreas by the virus which finally leads to type 1 insulin dependent diabetes.  Viral antibodies tests are conducted and analyzed to diagnosis such type of diabetes.

  1. The Lifestyle Risk

Amongst the leading causes of diabetes are the sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise. We have observed at Vedas Cure that if person is not active with flexible body approaches there are more chances to get diabetic. Lack of physical exercise makes a person more dependent upon insulin for absorption of sugar. Physical activity and exercise keeps a proper check on the weight and fats, consumes the glucose present in the blood stream as energy and which further makes the cells of the blood more sensitive to the hormone called insulin.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is very dangerous risk factor for diabetes. Insulin absorption is greatly decreases due to smoking. A person who smokes has double chanced to get affected with diabetes and joint disorders. It is life threatening to for a diabetic person to smoke.