Understand Diabetes with Vedas Cure

Diabetes is a serious deadly disease and due to its harmful effects on the body it is known as a silent killer. Being a dangerous disease, it is the third largest killer and cause of death in the world.
Our country India is known as the capital of diabetes with the highest number of diabetics in the world.As per Vedas Cure primary data research and secondary survey almost 7 Crore people are suffering from Diabetes and the figure is likely to increase manifold.

What is Diabetes?

To understand Diabetes first we need to understand the function of a hormone called insulin in the blood. Basically insulin is a hormone which is produced in the blood to the proportion of food we eat.
Insulin uses and converts the sugar/glucose in the food into energy. When the insulin is not produced in the body sufficiently, the sugar or glucose cannot be utilized and converted into energy and this condition is known as Diabetes.

Types of Diabetes:

1. Type 1. Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus:

Insulin- dependent- diabetes mellitus is the most dangerous form of diabetes. This is known as type 1 diabetes. People suffering from this type of diabetes are required to take regular injection of insulin for a proper metabolism. This type of diabetes happens when the pancreas does not produce insulin in the blood. Many research and studies have been conducted by Vedas Cure and it has been proved that type 1 diabetes is very harmful and is the cause of several diseases including cardio metabolic diseases.

2. Type 2. Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes:

This is the most common form of Diabetes and almost 90% of all diabetics belong to a category of type 2 diabetes. When the muscles, fats and liver cells of the body do not utilize and accept insulin effectively the sugar stays and accumulates in the blood stream and this leads to a disease of type 2 diabetes. Generally this phenomenon is known as insulin resistance where the sugar in the blood resists insulin.
This type of diabetes can be controlled by Vedas Diabetes Solution herbs, proper diet for weight control and exercise. Most of the patients we attend for Diabetes at Vedas Cure belong to a class of diabetes type 2.

3. Gestational Diabetes:

Gestational Diabetes generally affects pregnant women. During the period of pregnancy some harmonic imbalances cause the sugar level in the blood to rise and build up without any previous diabetic record.

This situation is known as hyperglycemia. This type of diabetes disturbs a woman the in the middle of her pregnancy period and it goes away just after the baby is born. A proper attention is needed because this can affect the health of both the mother and the baby. We at Vedas Cure have expert medical professionals for best advice and medication for the patients of Gestational Diabetes.

4. Secondary Diabetes with Specific Defects

There are some cases of diabetes which are causes by a host of other factors. An example of such kind of diabetes was noticed in India in by the World Health Organization which is known as Malnutrition Related Diabetes Mellitus. Almost one percent of India’s diabetic population suffers from this type of diabetes. It affects the young malnourished population of developing nations. Some diabetes is also caused by certain drugs and medicines of blood pressure and cholesterol balancing drugs. Certain infections and inflammation of the pancreas or the disorder of the pituitary glands also cause diabetes.