Symptoms of Arthritis/Joint Pain

As per several cases and examinations at Vedas Cure, We have found several symptoms of Arthritis/Joint Pain in the patients. One of more of these symptoms are usually common amongst the patients of Arthritis/Joint Pain such as:

  • The patients undergoes severe pain at the joints or other parts of the body.
  • In the morning, joints become more stiff.
  • Pain might be felt at three or more joints simultaneously.
  • Fingers and wrist can become stiff or even swell.
  • Joints become painful even on light pressure.
  • Joints might turn red, hot and swollen.
  • During any kind of strain or sprain the joint pain gets more acute.
  • Patients feels heaviness and tiredness all over the body.
  • Lack of enthusiasm, tasteless and indigestion are common.
  • While walking of standing the patients feels weakness and tiredness.