Diagnosis of Arthritis and Joint Pain:

Basically there are seven proven criteria to diagnose arthritis and joint pain.

Diagnosis of Arthritis and Joint Pain
  1. If you feel  stiffness around joints in the morning continuously for six weeks, it show that your are suffering from arthritis
  2. Pain at more than three joints or at a minimum of three joints indicate arthritis
  3. If you are feeling pain at the joints of your hands or wrist or your wrist is swollen, it indicates arthritis
  4. If your are feeling pain at both your knees together or both the elbows together or any part of body feels symmetric pain, it indicates arthritis
  5. If you notice lump or swelling on your skin around joints it indicates arthritis
  6. If your body produces  Rheumatoid factor(a protein produced in the body), in the blood it indicates arthritis
  7. In case of erosion of the bones, or damages of the joints  people develop arthritis


We use several investigative approaches to determine the level and severity of arthritis which include Complete Blood Count, Measuring the level of Rheumatoid factor in the blood, X-rays analysis of the joints, through examination of anti-CCP test, analyzing C-Reactive proteins and erythrocyte sedimentation rate.