Causes of Arthritis/Joint Pain:

There are several causes of Arthritis/Joint Pain in the body. Some of the chief known causes are mentioned below:


Joint Damage and Impairment:

Damage of the joints is the leading cause of arthritis/joint pain. The joint impairment is caused by the inflammation in the synovial membrane. Due to release of certain kind of harmful chemicals and enzymes the cartilage gets permanently impaired. If not treated on time, the inflammation continues further and keeps damaging more cells and bones at the joints finally causing destruction of the joints and deformity.

Cause of Arthritis/Joint Pain



Due to some infection causes by a bacterium, virus or fungus the joints become painful and swelling. Infectious Arthritis infects both men and women at any age.


A gene known as HLA-DR4 is the genetic causes of arthritis/joint pain. A kind of blood test determines whether it is present in the body or not. It is a hereditary gene and makes the family suffer from the disease making is a hereditary problem.


Women are most affected by arthritis/joint pain due to hormonal changes. This usually happens after pregnancy due to certain types of hormone replacement.


It has been established that stress or mental pressure is a leading causes of arthritis/joint pain. While examining several patients, we have seen that people under stress or mental pressure feel stiffness at joints and it becomes acute painful at times.

Environment & Surroundings:

The environment in which you stay is also a factor of developing arthritis/joint pain. People staying in hilly areas or towards mountains suffer from this problem this most. Due to uneven surface they have to exert pressure on joints for any movements like walking which over a period of time causes arthritis or joint pain. Even people staying in cold and wet climates complain of this problem. A lot of variation on the weather also causes joint pain.


Age Factor:

The age factor is also a leading contributor of arthritis or joint pain and it usually happens during the hormonal changes in the body. This commonly happens twice in our lifetime. Once between 18-25 years and then between 45-55 years of age. This is the period when most of the hormonal changes take place in the body disturbing our immune system also.


Incompatible Food Habits:

Improper food habits and less physical activity also cause arthritis or joint pain. Some people start doing physical exercise after having fatty or heavy meal. This also causes joint pain. Excessive consumption of cold items and improper sleeping time and pattern also cause arthritis or joint pain.