Arthritis/ Joints

The most important work of bones is to give structure to the body while the joints connect and link our bones to facilitate body movements. All the 206 bones of our body are connected through joints of different kinds.  We would become a statue or an erected structure if joints are not mechanized in the body

Vedas Arthritis/Joint Pain Cure


Let us understand joints in more details:

A joint is basically formed when the ends of two bones are connected with each other.  The joints are tied to each other by ligaments .This is capped by a substance known as cartilage and enclosed in a sleeve-like capsule. The cartilage is composed of tough elastic substance but it is smooth. The main function of cartilage is to protect the joints from any kind of shock. It basically sponges up the shock and permits the ends of the bones to glide comfortably and easily across each other. For a smooth movement of connecting bones, a proper room or space exists between the bones which are known as joint cavity. The joint cavity/space is confined or wrapped up by a capsule.

The sleeve like joint capsule contains a lining in the inner side which is known as the synovial membrane. The synovial membrane releases a thigh fluid which as two important functions: —

a)It lubricates the joints for a smooth joint movement.

b)It nourishes the joints while cleaning the debris produced from frequent wear and tear.