Sexual Disorders Cure

Sexual dysfunction or disorder is a physical or psychological problem which prevents one or his/her partner from having satisfaction with sex. The problem of sexual dysfunction is common amongst men of all ages but it generally increases with age. There are certain herbal ayurvedic treatments which are useful to cure the problems of sexual disorders. Vedas Cure medical professional experts have conducted extensive research in sexual malfunction. Basically this is a problematic stage during sex feeling difficulty in normal sexual activity, lack of physical pleasure; desire to have sex, arousal and orgasm.


Based on medical examinations, some classifications of sexual disorders have been identified as mentioned below:


  • Erectile Sexual Disorder (Inability to get & keep erection)
  • Premature Sexual Ejaculation (getting to orgasm very slowly of not at all)
  • Less/Low Sexual Libido (Decreased interest in sex or intercourse)