Hair Treatment

Vedas Cure offers the best natural treatment to control hair loss and regain hair naturally. We offer a range of solutions for hair cure depending upon the kind and stage of hair loss.  All Vedas Hair Cure natural products have been formulated by the experts of Ayurveda and doctors for best hair cure and are composed of pure natural herbs. We assure you that the team of Vedas Cure has done the most extensive research on hair care to promote hair growth, control hair fall, hair roots strengthening and treatment for dandruff, The following natural herbal products have been formulated which are highly effective and safe for hair care and growth.

Vedas Hair Cure Powder:

The most uniquely developed composition of 30 Anti-Hair Fall herbs is very effective and authenticated to stop hair fall. It promotes natural hair growth, prevents hair fall and is very effective to stop baldness.  Vedas Hair Cure Powder provides perfect nutrients to the hair and nourishes hair from the root, at the same time it normalizes blood circulation of the scalp. The natural herbs of Vedas Hair Cure powder also open the blocked capillaries of the roots of the hair. Some nutrients which directly promote hair growth have been taken into consideration while formulating the composition of Veda Hair Cure Powder.  The natural herbs used in the composition strengthen the hair roots and make the hair shiny and healthy. All the vitamins and minerals required for hair growth are present in the composition. Being herbal it is completely safe and there is no side effect.


Vedas Hair Cure Oil:

Vedas Cure Herbal Oil has been developed after a complete research & development. This unique oil has ingredients which are very useful for natural hair growth. The oil has a very special anti dandruff characteristics and removes dandruff permanently. It also controls premature graying of hair. The consistent message of the oil on the scalp increases necessary friction which further accelerates blood circulation resulting in complete control of hair loss and getting rid of dandruff.  The oil provides proper nourishment to the roots and strengthens the hair roots.  It treats the dehydrated and damaged hair and makes the hair smooth shiny and health. Vedas Hair Cure Oil is ideal for dry as well as oily hair.

Vedas Hair Cure Shampoo:

Most of the available shampoos in the market have chemical base and when applied on the scalp they directly interact with the hair roots where the blood circulation is very high. The chemicals used on such shampoos harm the hair and the scalp and result in hair loss and premature graying of hair. That’s the reason why we recommend to use only herbal and natural products for hair care. Vedas Cure Shampoo is the best herbal composition for hair growth, hair fall control and dandruff free hair. The Vedas Hair Cure Shampoo improves the hair texture and makes them shiny, smooth and healthy. The herbal ingredients of the shampoo provide perfect nourishment to the scalp of the hair roots.


Herbal Hair Supplements:

Certain vitamin and minerals are very important for proper hair growth. Vedas Cure Herbal Hair Supplements provides specific nutrients for hair growth.  It normalizes the metabolism of the scalp and accelerates the circulation of the blood which further helps in restoration of hair. The supplements are very useful to provide strength to the hair.  A pack 60 capsules twice a day(Once in the morning and once in the evening is recommended for an effective result)