Causes of Mealsma/Jhai/Dark Patches/Dark Spots/Freckles


Dark Spots on skin, Freckles, Melasma, Scars and Freckles

Cosmetics which are made of low quality ingredients, containing harmful and irritating substances causes dark patches on the facial skin. Some skin brightening or fairness creams contain crude tat or oils, fatty acids, certain dyes for skin coloring and harmful perfume ingredients which can be extremely harmful to the skin. To some extent mineral oils and petrolatum are also used in fairness cosmetics readily available in the market. These harmful chemical cosmetics are strongly objected to be used for skin care.



A wide range of medications also cause hyperpigmentation which in turn produces dark patches or Jhai on the skin. Medicines which include metals such as iron, copper, silver or gold etc metals have also been found to cause dark patches on the skin.


Genetic and Heredity Factors:

Dark patches or Jhai are also caused by genetic factors. In a few patients of Melasma it has been observed that these have familial occurrence of the disease.


Exposure to Harmful Sun Rays:

Exposure to harmful ultra violet rays of the sun causes dark patches and Jhai on the skin. People suffering from the problem of freckles or Melasma experience serious skin problems during summer months.  Exposure to the sun is the prominent cause of freckles. The areas of the skin which are most exposed to the sun are most affected by dark patches.


Contraceptives/Birth Controlling Pills:

Oral contraceptive or birth control pills are considered to be one of the chief causes of facial Jhai or dark patches.  Even during normal menstrual periods it is observed that hyperpiagmentation occur on the face causing dark patches.