Causes of hair fall in Men

The most usual kind of hair loss which generally affects men is known as pattern hair loss. In the pattern hair loss case, the normal hair growth of hair changes with time. The hair fall starts slowly and leads to baldness in men.

In various researches at Vedas Cure we have found that there are many causes of pattern hair fall or hair loss which such as increased circulation of blood, insufficient blood circulation, maligned and unclean scalp, hormones in the scalp oil, dandruff, heated blood in the body, diseases, insufficient oxygen supply to the hair follicles, insufficient nutrition etc.

Basically there are two chief patterns of Male Pattern Hair Loss

  • Frontal hair Fall/Loss – Hair loss starts from the forehead and baldness starts slowly
  • Vertex hair loss – Hair Loss/Fall starts from the crown

A hormone called DHT is a very important for the growth of hair. The presence of DHT in the blood plays a major role in the growth of hair. Hair follicles at times get sensitive to DHT, which further leads to slow growth of hair, weak and thin hair and sometimes hair stops growing at all.

There are some other leading causes of hair fall in men as mentioned below:

 • Autoimmune disorders play a major role in hair fall. This is the second most common cause of hair fall or hair loss.

• Certain diseases and infections on the scalp also cause hair loss.

• Nutritional deficiencies such as deficiencies of iron in the blood also causes hair loss.

• Prescription drugs also cause hair loss. Treatment by Chemotherapy drugs almost always causes hair fall and hair loss.

• Radiation exposure or any treatment through radiation exposure also causes severe hair loss.

• A sudden stress or a sudden emotional shock or a sudden severe psychological loss can also cause hair loss.

• Physical impact on the scalp can also cause permanent hair loss. Any type of wounds on the scalp, burning or heat on the head or the scalp, any chemical or gas related burns can cause severe hair loss permanently.

  • Certain hair styling techniques or hair care products also cause hair loss permanently.