Why do we get Hungry?

For sustainable weight loss we need to understand the cause of hunger. When our stomach and intestines are empty, they secrete a kind of hormone which conveys signal to the brain that your body requires food. There are basically two kinds of hormones that regulate and control appetite. These are known as ghrelin […]

False Hunger Leads to Weight Gain

Most of us residing in India are the victims of false hunger. For example if you do not eat anything for a long time, your mind may force you to think that you should eat something even if you are not hungry. This state is called false hunger. If you eat some food at […]

Androgens Affect the Hair Growth

Androgens affect the hair growth in many ways. Androgens are very important in the endocrine control of shedding the old hair and growing new ones in human beings. In some people androgens stimulate the growth of hair in specific areas of scalp. Androgens are the chief regulator of hair follicles. Children who lack growth […]

Best Natural Cure for Acne & Pimples

Causes of Dark Lips

Sometimes it gets difficult for women to part their lips because of their discoloration or getting dark. The dark lips make the facial looks weird and women generally hide the color with several kindly of chemically composed coloring lipsticks.

There are several causes of dark lips such as:

Melasma is one of the chief causes of […]

10 Ways to Protect Your Dry Skin

There are some basic tips to take care of your dry skin.

Do not take a bath with hot water. Hot water gets evaporated fast thus makes the skin dehydrated
Do not take a bath for longer time. Avoid taking long bath in water bodies such as swimming pool.
Do not use coarse scrubs on your skin. […]