Since skin ageing is a natural process, we have developed a very unique combination of herbal solution to prevent skin ageing and reduce wrinkles. The natural herbs selected by our skin experts possess great medicinal characteristics to prevent skin ageing.

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The treatment includes below mentioned natural composition:
Vedas Anti-Ageing Skin Natural Herbs (Power Form):
This is a very strong preparation of a combination of 30 anti-skin ageing herbs which are very effective to reduce wrinkles from the face. The natural herbs have the characteristics of balancing the collagen inside the skin. Thus they make our skin flexible and provide natural tone. The herbs also purify our blood circulation around face and provide proper nourishment to the skin to make it healthy. The composition also makes the skin soft and shine by rejuvenating the cells and regenerating new cells around the facial arena.
The science of ant-skin ageing actually starts with the secret of nature encompassed in the natural herbs which have marvelous characteristics to reduce the wrinkles. By utilizing the benefits of these herbs we bring anti-ageing effects on your skin and face. The herbs also increase the regenerative powers of your skin.