To cure your skin problem first of all you need to understand the type of your skin. Identification of your skin type will help you cure your skin and better understating for a sustained skin care. Every person has unique composition of skin and it is very important to treat the problem in specific manner.
Basically there are four five main kinds of skin.

Oily Skin

Dry Skin

Combination Skin

Normal Skin

Sensitive Skin

To know the type of your skin follow the below mentioned steps:-

Before going to the bed at night clean or wash your face properly. When you wake up in the morning, wipe your face with a clean facial tissue/paper and examine it. During the night hours your skin must have got back to its original state of form. Press the facial tissue or paper against all parts of your face such as cheeks, foreheads, chin etc. Keep it pressed lightly and examine properly.

  • If any oil does not come on the tissue and your face does not feel tight it indicates that you have normal skin. The normal skin is healthy and elastic. It is considered the best type of skin.
  • If you find oil on the tissue seen as transparent spots it indicates that you have oily skin. The oil appears from nose, forehead and cheeks.
  • In you find that oil is present only in the central part of your face such as forehead and nose but not from cheeks it indicates that you have a combination type of skin. It may be noted here that forehead and nose are considered as the oiliest areas of your face.
  • If you do not find any oil on the tissue but you find your skin to be tight or too much stretched or a feeling of dryness all around your face, it indicates that you have dry skin.

Some people claim that after using new or cosmetic products their skin becomes red or the skin becomes itchy. This suggests that the skin it very sensitive and needs extra precautionary care.
The negative reaction of using the cosmetic products has become common today. It is the most common cause of several facial and skin problems such as scars, pimples and Jhai etc. So you are always suggested to use only natural and herbal products to protect your skin.

Make sure that you have not applied any cream or moisture before you go for this test. Also remember that your skin keeps changing its nature with age and weather so keep conducting this test periodically or every four months for a better skin care.