Your facial skin is the most important part of your beauty so it is very important to tone and lift your face by anti-aging natural facial yoga. Yes, nothing is the best remedy for anti-ageing and facelift than a natural facial yoga.

We have developed some unique facial exercises expressions which would definitely help you shed fats from your cheeks and chin and at the same time would tone up your face naturally.
For a beautiful body figure first of all you need to tone up your facial muscles because your face is the first indication that makes you look slim.
All the celebrities and models make their face slim by practicing facial yoga only.

We all buy several costly anti-wrinkle creams and chemically reacted cosmetics to look young but unfortunately the results are very short-living and once you stop applying these harmful cosmetics products you skin get badly affected by more wrinkles and folds all around your face.

Thus Vedas Cure always suggests you to use only herbal ayurvedic and natural remedies to protect your skin from wrinkles. The herbal remedies along with facial yoga are definitely effective for a safe and permanent skin care.

Now let’s follow the 7 facial yoga step wise as mentioned below that would surely help you tighten your facial skin, lifting your facial muscles up and toning your face naturally.



To do this step, first take a deep breath and draw your cheeks inside and try to make your face like a fish and smile.
Press both your palms against your cheeks.
Keep holding this position till the time you can hold on your breath and exhale while maintaining this position.
Repeat this position at least 5-6 times during the day to get the best results.


For a slim face it is a must to tone your muscles on your cheeks and remove any fats deposited around your cheeks.


To do this exercise, just imagine that you are drinking any liquid using a straw.

First of all draw your cheeks inside as shown in the image. Keep maintaining the position for about 25 seconds

You will start feeling that your facial muscles are sinking inside whenever you do this practice. Repeat this pose at least 10-12 times a day and we assure you that you will notice the difference within a week.

This yoga practice will reduce the fats deposited around your cheeks and will also tone your cheeks. This will give a prefect lean look to your face because it emphasizes on the bones under your cheeks.

This is the most proven technique to get a nice shaped perfect sculpted face shortly.

It is also very easy to do this exercise.




As the name suggests, this yoga practice is good for reducing wrinkles and file lines around the eye-brow area.

Place your index, middle and ring finger on either of your eye brows.

Now stretch your skin upwards and you will soon start feeling your muscles stretching.

Practice this exercise gently and hold this position for at least 20-25 seconds.

So if you have more wrinkles around your eye brows this is the best exercise. Repeat this exercise at least 10-12 times a day to tone your muscles.



This yoga pose is very much beneficial for getting rid of Crow’s Feet, Puffy Eyes and drooping eyelids (Ptosis).


To practice this yoga, place the two fingers on the upper and lower parts of your eyes as shown in the image.

Take a deep breath and inhale properly then stretch your fingers on either side.

Without moving your neck, move your eyes left and right so that your muscles start stretching.

Keep holding this position for 5-6 seconds.

To gain optimal results repeat the same at least 5-6 times a day.

As soon as you complete this exercise, compress your eyes hard and close them for 10-15 seconds



As its name suggests, this is a great facial pose to reduce the wrinkles, folds and fine lines on your forehead.

As we get older with age, several line start forming on our foreheads and to look young we need to get rid of them naturally.

To follow this yoga practice, place both of your hands on your forehead as shown in the image. Do not stretch your facial muscles and leave them relaxed.

Place your fingers around head as shown and push them outward

Put a light pressure on your skin to tone and tighten the forehead portion.

Do this activity at least 10-12 times a day for better results.



Smiling too often develops fine line, wrinkles and folds on the cheeks. This actually happens over a period of time.

As the age increases the skin around the cheeks begins to develop fine line due to smiles.

This exercise practice is perfect for reduce such kind of wrinkles around your cheeks.

To do this exercise, open your mouth and project your upper teeth outside your mouth as shown in the image. Then place index and middle fingers together on both sides of your checks at the position shown in the image.

After the right placement of the fingers on the cheeks, take a deep breath and pull or stretch your fingers towards both sides and breathe out.

Take a deep breath and stretch your fingers on both sides and exhale.

Follow this process at least 10-12 times and you will get a great result.




This exercise is very much useful to tone your cheeks and remove the folds or fine lines. This also smoothen the skin of your cheeks.

This is a very simple and easy-to-do exercise and does not require much time and efforts.

It basically tones the muscles around your mouth and stretches them to balance the facial toning.

To do this exercise first of all, bring your lips together and press them lightly.

Then put both your palms on the cheeks as shown in the image and smoothen the wrinkles or lines formed, by polishing the surface of the cheeks with the hands.

Make sure that you do this exercise at least 10 times a day. Then take a deep breath and exhale with force. If you have flabby or fatty round cheeks this exercise would be most beneficial to reduce them within a few days.


A note from Vedas Cure:

We do not recommend any kind of plastic surgery for face lift.  We highly object the use of chemically formed harmful cosmetic products which are bound to de-tone your facial skin. Never use such cosmetic products without consulting a doctor or skin expert.

Our nature, ayurveda, diet and yoga practices are sufficient enough to protect you from skin ageing and developing wrinkles. Always use herbal, ayurvedic and natural products for a beautiful skin.

The expressions and exercises suggested by Vedas Cure Skin Experts would definitely relax your skin and facial skin thus would smooth the fine lines and wrinkles naturally. The practices are far better than undergoing the surgeries.

By means of combinations of several natural processes, we completely focus on relaxing your muscles and save them from harmful chemically reacted cosmetics.

As soon as your facial muscles relax, we assure you that you would get a natural face life and cure for wrinkles that would last for a very long time.

With these practices you would no longer require artificial treatment, or cosmetic surgeons to look young or to reduce wrinkles.