Skin aging is a complicated biological and cellular function which involves both internal and external elements.
Since skin is the largest and most visible organ on the body the wrinkles over it become the most obvious symbol of aging. But the fact of the matter is ���if we take care of due important factors we can protect our skin and stop the chances of developing wrinkles”.

Now let’s understand the most severe causes of wrinkles and skin aging so that we may go to the further step of repairing it.


Sun Damage:
Sun rays (UVA/UVB) are extremely harmful for our skin and the damage caused by these rays are the biggest contributor of skin aging. Basically Sun gives off Ultra Violet radiation which is classified into two categories (UVA & UVB) which is based on their wavelength. UVB is responsible of damaging the skin externally at the outer level caller epidermis while UVA radiation penetrates deep into the skin damaging the skin internally. The damage caused by the radiations of the Sun further causes skin problems such as uneven pigmentation, loss of skin elasticity, develop wrinkles, aging spots and even skin cancer.
But the good news is that the Nature itself has given the true remedies to all such skin problems. Vedas Cure herbal Skin treatment protects your skin from both the harmful radiations of the Sun. The natural herbs keep your skin internally fit and strong which the external herbal treatment protects your skin from the UVB rays and other pollutants.


With increasing age the skin become less elastic and thinner. The skin starts to lose its charm and looks more tired all the time. The fatty tissues in the inner side of the skin start to decrease and the skin starts to lose its flexibility and become drier. It is vey important to compensate our skin with all the vitamins and nutrients to main the natural charm and glow of the skin. Vedas Cure has developed a unique composition of herbal power and creams which would lessen the effect of increasing age on skin and help maintain a healthy skin even at old age.

Facial Expression

Facial expression and movements including our situational reacting habits etc also cause the wrinkles on our face and become sign of old age. Whenever a facial muscle is moved there is some movement inside the skin. With increasing age the skin loses its flexibility to return to its previous position and gets converted in expression lines forming wrinkles on the face.

Lack of Proper Sleep

A proper sleep is very important for human bodies to regenerate, restore and heal. It is during the sleeping when the human bodies produce growth hormones which give youthful appearance and heal cells and tissues in the body including our skin. Lack of sleep develops fine lines in the form of wrinkles and become more prominent and visible also it develops dark circles and the face complexion becomes dull and lifeless.


Lack of water in your body devoid your skin of moisture causing them to shrink and developing wrinkles. Water is very essential for our skin and body and depending on our daily routine and physical work we must take required amount of water every day to maintain a well hydrated healthy body. Lack of water in the body causes the skin to lose its flexibility and the wrinkles become more visible.


Stress effects emotional and physical health badly in a number of ways. Stress or depression causes a great deal of disturbance in the human body and effects several hormones responsible for growth. During stress the brain ceases to function normally and the organs do not get proper signal from the brain for the body life support function and this further exceeds several problems like exhausting the mind and body. Since skin is the largest organ of the body it experiences such disturbances the most. Increased level of stress of worry does not allow the hormones to function normally and it has its negative impact on the skin making your skin dull, place and lifeless.


Smoking is seriously very harmful for the skin and the whole body. A substance called nicotine is found in cigarettes which narrow down the blood vessel in the outer layer of the skin which further affects the regular flow of the blood. Due to decreased blood flow the skin does not get sufficient oxygen and vital nutrients such as Vitamin A.
The worst part of smoking is the presence of more than 4100 chemicals in the tobacco smoke which can be very much harmful for collagen and elastin which are the fibers responsible for giving strength and elasticity to the skin.

Drinking & Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol reduces collagen in the skin and at the same time it dehydrates the capillaries. Thus it weakens the skin and causes dark patches under the eyes. It badly affects the elasticity of the skin and due to dehydration the skin becomes full of wrinkles at a young age. Excess amount of drinking also disturbs the production of hormones in the body.

Facial Cleaning Schedule

It is very necessary to cleanse the skin regularly after frequent interval throughout the day. During the entire day a lot of pollutants and other substances which are harmful to the skin get accumulated on the face/skin. If not washed them properly they may add grime to the surface of the skin making the skin dull and less elastic.


A healthy skin is the result of a healthy diet. A diet which contains vitamin C and less of fats and carbohydrates is good for skin. Food rich in vitamin E also protects the skin from several damages and premature aging. So take a well formulated balanced diet daily as per routine for a healthy skin.