Treatment of Acne & Pimples:

acne-pimples-cureOur nature is the best caretaker of our skin and there is nothing best other than natural herbs and herbal formulations to protect your skin from several diseases including acne and pimples. We at Vedas Cure have the expertise of treating thousands of people suffering from mild to severe acne and pimples. Years of research and development in the treatment of several skin diseases has made us the most reliable natural healer for both acne treatment and pimples treatment. Trust us that we have adhered to only the natural remedies for skin care with the best quality herbs.




Vedas Acne & Pimples Cure comes with the following herbal combinations:

Natural Herbal Powder:

We have prepared the best quality herbal formulation of 43 Anti-Acne and Pimples herbs which work on your skin very effectively. Not only they cure the acne but also these herbs remove the scars after the acne have vanished and get you a clear skin.

These herbs work in a number of ways to protect your skin from pimples and acne:

  • They purify your blood thus save your skin from impurities and harmful substances
  • Best natural treatment for acne and pimples and also prevent new acne formation
  • These herbs possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics which treat acne and pimples
  • The herbs are quite effective to remove pore clogging oil called sebum thus does not allow acne to appear from the hair follicles itself
  • These herbal composition also dies up pimples naturally, reduce inflammation and pimples on face
  • The herbal composition also possesses a unique burn relieving characteristics
  • They fight infections of the skin and promote skin healing naturally and lessen scarring thus very effective in acne scar removal
  • They make your skin light with soothing feeling
  • They reduce the marks and spots from the skin naturally
  • They balance the hormonal impact on follicles stimulation thus control sebum oil production responsible for acne in both males and females

Anti-Acne Herbal Cream:

This Vedas Anti Acne herbal cream has unique properties to treat acne naturally. It effectively controls acne, pimples and skin eruptions. Its natural composition has unique astringent, styptic and soothing properties which are beneficial for acne treatment. It is very useful in removal of blackheads from the skin. The unique ingredients of the cream kill the acne causing bacteria. It also helps in preventing itching. It controls excessive secretion of oil from the skin and also clears blemishes and dark patches from the face.

Aloe-Vera Face Wash:

Aloe-Vera is known for its unique characteristics of healing the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help cure the pimples. It stops bacteria to infect the acne and make the healing process fast.

It deeply cleans the skin and removes all impurities and scars. It makes your skin soft, light and pimples free.

Vitamin E Oil:

The Vitamin E Oil makes your skin soft and supple. It heals acne and pimples and scars and also stops breakouts from the skin. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and fades away the dark spots and scars gradually. The Vitamin E oil provides multi benefits to the skin, thus is very important to maintain a healthy skin.

Moisturizing Lotion:

Vedas Cure herbal moisturizing lotion has specially been developed with rich natural ingredients mixed with vitamin E. This makes your skin soft and provides protection from pollution and gives the required nourishment to the skin.